About Phonics India

Phonics India is part of the Global Team behind Phonics by Phone.

Phonics by Phone is an international initiative to improve teaching and learning of early literacy, using the power of the mobile phone which is already in most adults' pockets worldwide.

English is already the main global language. In a globalised environment, more and more children will learn to read and write first in English rather than in their mother tongue. Yet in many communities, children struggle with both because they are so poorly taught.

Learning to read in English requires having a secure grasp of correct letter sounds, and understanding the English alphabetic code. With this knowledge, children can build the key skills of blending and segmenting, spelling and pronouncing, reading and comprehending.

Both parents and teachers have a role to play in getting this foundation in place. Phonics by Phone supports both school learning and home learning, equally.

The phone is a key means of transmitting knowledge of how to teach reading. Internet and phone networks provide fast, cheap ways to reach out to individuals, rich and poor. Mobile with internet connectivity is now available even on the simplest feature phones. PhonicsByPhone delivers its core programmes by that route – simple, economical mobile handsets with internet connectivity.

Both parents and teachers can access the teaching resources of Phonics by Phone so that they understand and can teach phonics systematically. These resources are absolutely free to one and all - across all countries.

As with any effective teaching process, Phonics by Phone builds in fast, effective feedback loops. Our approach – facilitated by great connectivity using simple devices - ensures that users’ questions are quickly answered, processes are updated and new materials are added.

Phonics by Phone was developed by a global team which includes :

+ Educators International, London, UK through Michael Stark

+ Phonics International, UK through Debbie Hepplewhite, and

+ Phonics India, Mumbai, India through Debashis Pati

It has some notable supporters, namely Vodafone Foundation and Every1Mobile.

Phonics by Phone first reached Ghana in 2014 and reached India in 2015. The journey will continue to other countries.

The team behind this free international initiative is glad to dedicate Phonics by Phone to all across the globe, for English learning vide Phonics.

To listen to the audio podcasts visit the mobile-optimised websites PhonicsGhana.mobi and PhonicsIndia.mobi. To view additional graphic and other support materials or to become a pen-pal, visit the .net versions (PhonicsGhana.net and PhonicsIndia.net).

We ask for your feedback to improve.