NGOs and Charities in Education as Partner

All NGOs and charity bodies (across countries) are welcome to request for being a partner. Requests will be entertained. It will lead to free Phonics By Phone access for use by individuals who are involved in teaching young children.

Each such organisation will be listed on this page and be known as Phonics By Phone NGO \ Charity partner. The association will be completley free for defined time period.

However, use of Phonics By Phone for any form of CSR has to be routed through Phonics India only.

Revenue generation using the association is strictly not permitted.

Further, a partner will be free to use the association in various modes of communication, under prior information.

NGOs can advertise on this page. This will go a long way to support this unique inititative.  Suggestions in this regard are welcome through 'Contact' page. Note this gesture is no way linked to association for free use of Phonics By Phone.